Shipping and delivery

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shippingShipping and delivery (For Europe)
We ship in Europa through our distribution network the delivery ranges from a minimum of 5 working days to 30 working days.
Shipping is different for Europe because the price of shipping is result of sum of weight of single product that is generated automatically during your shoponline, but our rates is cheap!

If there are problems:
We hope always there aren’t problem, but, unfortunately, sometimes there are.
For example, it could happen that the product you ordered is not available in our warehouse. In this case, you will be informed as soon as possible, we will contact you to inform you of additional waiting times. You can choose whether to wait for the necessary time, or change the order (replacing the product with another / others, or eliminating it from your order), or cancel the entire order.
Obviously the total amount will be relative to the final order, that is to the goods that you will receive at home.
Another example: during the travel, if the product are damaged, they come back and we will send them all over again.
We will make sure that everything goes well.


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